What does a Homegroup look like?

Although a homegroup may do certain activities, no activity can define what a homegroup is. For example, although a homegroup may study the Bible, a homegroup is not a Bible study. Also, each homegroup is unique just as each family or body is unique. They have different foci, different strengths, and different goals. 

In general though, homegroups will meet weekly in different members' homes/apartments/dorm rooms for a time of worship, fellowship, discussing the Word, having fun, sharing testimonies, and sharing communion. In addition, homegroups will meet at other times for special events, serving the community, and sharing the gospel of Christ with others.

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What is a homegroup?

A homegroup is a basic Christian community of 8-20 believers. Each homegroup is a little different and can look different from week to week. The Bible refers to God's people through many pictures. Three of the most used are the picture of a body, of a family, and of an army. In our homegroups we live out these three pictures:



A homegroup is a group where relationships are built; support, encouragement and admonishment are lovingly shared; mature believers help the less mature grow; and friends see each other as Christian brothers and sisters and interact regularly—not just at meetings. 


A homegroup is a group where every member has an important function! Each member has an opportunity and a responsibility to serve using his/her spiritual gifts, strengths, and resources to build up the others in the group and to help the group fulfill its purpose and vision. 


A homegroup is a group that is aggressively pursuing the expansion of God's kingdom! The group therefore has a purpose higher than itself. Evangelism and discipleship are central to this God-given purpose and should be normal activities of the group.