Spring 2017 HOPE U Classes

Discipleship Class | Tuesdays | Time TBD | Hope FC Office

In this class you will learn practical discipleship. What does it look like to follow Jesus in every area of your life? Each week will cover a different area.You'll be provided with a discipleship class partner, someone who's taken it before, to meet with each week and talk one­ on­ one about that week's topic. If you've never taken a Hope equipping class, we recommend this one first.

Taught by Jatin Patel and Marc Helfrich

Outreach Class | Tuesdays | Time TBD | Hope FC Office

We all know we're supposed to share our faith with others, but many of us don't know how. In this class you will receive in depth training on evangelism. By the time the class is over you will know exactly how to share the good news with others and will even feel comfortable doing so.

Taught by Jeff McAdams

Divinity Study: Part Two | Tuesdays | Time TBD | Hope FC Office

What you believe matters! Your doctrine shapes your view of God, yourself, and all of life around you. In this class we will dig deeper into the core doctrines of the Bible to strengthen our faith and deepen our relationship with Christ! Does not require having taken part one. 

Taught by Marc Helfrich

Making Peace With Your Past | Tuesdays | Time TBD | Hope FC Office

We all have wounds from our past. If we don't address them they will be like heavy shackles that we carry around. These are areas that God wants to bring his healing and peace to. In this class/group share environment we'll dig up those old wounds and hurts and invite God in. The eventual result will be freedom and joy. Gender based groups

Facilitated by Erin Arispe and Jeff McAdams

Premarital Counseling - By Appointment

Do you want to be well equipped for the beginning of marriage?  We offer free premarital counseling to couples desiring to live for and honor God as they begin their new lives together.  Typically, premarital counseling lasts for 8 weeks, with some homework that must be completed each week by the couple. Email Josiah Rogers for more info